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True RMS Measurement, Power & Power Factor Measurement

Phase Angle Detection, Energy (Active / Reactive / Apparent), Import / Export Energy, Min / Max Demand Power

Display Specifications
Display3 rows, LCD with Backlight
Digits1 row of 4 digits
2 rows of 7 digits
LED IndicationsIntegration of Energy (1000 Pulses / kWh)
Input Specifications
Electrical Connection 3? - 3 wire, 3? - 4 wire, 2? - 3 wire, 1? - 2 wire
Input Voltage 11 to 300V AC (L - N)
19 to 519V AC (L - L)
Input Current range Nominal 5A AC (Min - 11mA, Max - 6A)
Frequency 45 to 65Hz
Display Scrolling Automatic / Manual / Default
Power Consumption 8VA max
Display Reset Programmable (For energy, Auxiliary interrupt, Run hour)
Resolution For energy :
0.01k, 0.1k, 1k, 0.01M, 0.1M, 1M
(depending upon CT ratio x PT ratio)
For Power, Voltage,
Current : Auto Resolution
For Power Factor : 0.001
Accuracy Voltage (L - N / L - L) : ?0.5% of F.S.
Current : ?0.5% of F.S.
Power Factor : ?0.01
Frequency : ?0.1% For L - N Voltage >20V
For L - L Voltage >35V
Power (Active, Reactive, Apparent) : 1%
Energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent) : Class 1
Memory Retention 10 years (For energy)
Measuring Parameters Voltage (L - L / L - N) (Individual / Average), Current (Individual / Average), Frequency, Power Factor (Individual / Total) Active, Reactive & Apparent power (Individual / Total), Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy (Import / Export), Demand (Min / Max Active Power, Min / Max Reactive Power, Max Apparent Power)
Output Specifications
Communication Interface and Protocol RS485 and MODBUS RTU
Communication Address 1 to 255
Transmission Mode Half duplex
Transmission Distance 500 meter maximum
Transmission Speed 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 (in bps)
Parity None, Odd, Even
Stop Bits 1 or 2
Response Time 100ms (max and independent of baud rate)
Auxiliary Supply Specifications
Supply Voltage 85 to 270V AC, (50 / 60Hz)
Settable Parameters
CT Primary 1 / 5A to 10kA (Programmable for any value)
CT Secondary 1 / 5A (Programmable)
PT Primary 100V to 500kV (Programmable for any value)
PT Secondary 100V to 500V AC (L - L) (Programmable for any value)
Environmental Specifications
Temperature Operating : -10 to 55 C
Storage : -20 to 75 C
Humidity (non - condensing) Upto 85% RH
Mechanical Specifications
Mounting Din Rail
Weight 208gms
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